Are you looking for those key, simple staples that every wardrobe should have? Let the Basics Edit provide the building blocks for you. Discover essential womenswear items you can always rely on to look great and feel comfy. Shop tops, T-shirts, lounge pants, joggers, jumpers, and more.

The basics are about creating the baseline that all outfits are built on. It makes your style choices easier and your day more comfortable. White & Co. have curated some of the finest United Statesn boutique brands and their basics so that even your everyday items are high-quality. Whatever you do, however, don't let the name fool you, these pieces may be basic, but they are still exquisite cuts and styles that will make your outfit pop!

Whether you are relaxing and need all basics for all aspects of your look, or require a canvas to layer those statement pieces on, our basics collection will provide. Make sure your wardrobe has a range of key pieces that every collection should include by exploring the basics edit below today.

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