What to Wear on a Long Car Ride

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The morning before heading off on a road trip is always filled with excitement and promise (and maybe a little dread if you have kids). After all, you’re about to embark on an adventure where the journey can be just as memorable as the destination. So, it only makes sense to put some thought and consideration into making your ride as smooth and enjoyable as possible. From planning your route to packing snacks and picking tunes, there’s a bit to consider. In particular, your outfit should never be an afterthought. No matter where you’re headed, dressing for comfort should be a priority as we all know that even a short car ride can feel exhausting in the wrong outfit. Thankfully, with the right clothes, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. To help you on your way, we’ve created this handy road map for staying comfortable and stylish when travelling by car. Here’s what to wear on a long car ride.


What to Wear for a Long Drive

When dressing for a long drive, these are the staples you can rely on for an enjoyable journey.


Cotton Basics

Cotton basics are a no-brainer for a long drive. Soft, comfortable, and easy to wear, these essentials will take you down the right road. Not only do they feel great against your skin but the natural breathability of cotton will keep you from overheating when the temperature rises.


Easy Layers

If you’ve ever been on a long car ride before, you’ll know that the temperature in your car can vary dramatically from when you set out to when you reach your destination. Even if you’re not travelling to a different climate, the difference between a cold, dark morning to a beautiful afternoon with beaming sunshine can be huge, especially in a vehicle. As such, opting for easy layers that you can slip on or off as needed is ideal. In particular, a simple cardigan or jacket makes for a great option. Unlike a pull-over, which can be challenging to take off or put on in a car, a jacket or cardi makes layering up or down a breeze. For a casual and cool look, try throwing on a denim jacket over a tank or tee and teaming it with lounge pants. Alternatively, an open button-down shirt can also work well as an easy outer layer.


Interested in layering? Read our guide on How to Wear & Style Layers

Sneakers, Flats & Slip-On Shoes

Comfortable shoes are essential for a road trip. No matter how much you love your heels, it’s best to leave them in the trunk when hitting the open road. Instead, you’ll likely want a pair of comfy shoes you can easily pull on and take off and that’s ideal for walking and exploring stops along your way. Closed-toe shoes are the best option. Think sneakers, flats, or slip-on styles. Not only are they comfortable and practical but they’ll also keep your feet warm even with cool air pumping through the foot vents. On top of that, they’re easy and safe to drive in if you’re behind the wheel. Our go-to is a pair of classically stylish and comfy Supergas.


What Not to Wear on a Road Trip

Knowing what not to wear on a road trip is crucial to avoiding regret. Here’s what to skip over when dressing for your trip.

Tight Clothing

Tight and uncomfortable clothing is a big no-no for long road trips. Think you’ll be fine in your usual skinny jeans? You may want to think again. Anything that cuts into you when you sit down is best avoided when embarking on a long car ride. You know the pieces. They’re the ones you can’t wait to take off when you get home from a long day. And home is where they should stay when you’re hitting the road. Likewise, it’s also best to avoid items that ride up or down and generally sit uncomfortably when you’re seated.

Your Favourite Fashion Pieces

There’s a time and place for your favourite new fashion finds but it isn’t a long drive. While you might be dying to wear your latest and most impressive ensemble, think again. A day spent in the car is much more suited to easy basics rather than high fashion wardrobe heroes. If you really want to take that stunning wrap dress or tailored blazer, try packing it in your suitcase instead. That way you can whip it out once you’ve reached your destination and show it off rather than having it only seen by your fellow passengers and petrol station patrons.


While linen might seem like a great idea for a road trip (It’s breathable, right?), we recommend avoiding it. Although linen is indeed breathable and seemingly perfect for a hot, stuffy car ride, it also creases like crazy. To ensure you don’t arrive at your destination looking rumpled and ruffled, consider avoiding this material.


Road Trip Packing Essentials

1. Basic Tee
Why: An easy piece to throw on and go with comfort guaranteed.

2. Jeggings
Why: The look of jeans with the feel of leggings – perfect for a car ride!

3. Sneakers
Why: Effortless style and comfort make these your go-to shoes for a mini getaway.

4. Denim Jacket
Why: An easy layer that looks good. Great for roadside snaps at all your best stops along the way.

5. Tank Top
Why: Perfect for those warm afternoons where the sun is beaming through the windshield.

6. Cosy Cardigan
Why: Soft, warm and cosy, a fluffy cardi is the ultimate car companion, especially if you plan to take a nap during the drive.

7. Lounge Pants
Why: Bring the feeling of home on the road with you with a pair of your comfiest lounge pants.


Road Trip Outfits

There are a variety of stylish and comfy outfits you can wear for a road trip. Check out the below for some inspiration.


Travel Clothes for Long Drives

In need of some new threads for your upcoming road trip? We can help. Check out our curated edit of travel essentials for the perfect pieces to wear and pack.




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