The Best-Fitting Jeans & Joggers for Your Body Type

When it comes to staples every woman should have in her wardrobe, a pair of jeans or joggers are essential, so finding a pair that not only hugs the body right but accentuates it at the same time is a dream come true. We are all guilty of wanting a gorgeous pair of pants that make us look (and feel) fabulous whenever we wear them. Thankfully, it's never been easier than with this go-to guide on finding the best-fitting jeans and joggers for your body type.

Different Body Types 

Women's bodies come in different shapes and sizes, all beautiful and unique in their own way. As such, it can be a challenge to work out what category you fall into. With many articles, names, shapes, fruits, and what-nots out there it can start to get a little confusing (and overwhelming). Luckily there are four types most commonly referred to; Rectangular, Pear, Hourglass, and Apple.

Women with rectangular body shapes generally have the same width across their hips, waistline, and shoulders with little to no waist definition, a small to average midriff and straight figure. Often this body shape is well proportioned between the upper and lower part of the body, creating a balanced silhouette.


Women with pear body shapes tend to carry their figure around the lower half of their body with fuller hips and thighs, and a smaller top half with narrower shoulders and smaller bust. As the bottom half is curvier for pear shaped women, the eyes are instantly drawn there throwing off the balance with the upper half of the body.

Pear-body-shapeWomen with an hourglass body shape generally have the same width across their bust and hips, a smaller and defined waist, fuller thighs and rounded shoulders. Luckily for hourglass-shaped women, the body is naturally balanced with its wider halves and smaller waist region.


Women with apple body shapes can appear top heavy, tending to carry their figure around the midsection of their body. They often have an average to large bust, narrow hips, slim legs, and a fuller midriff with a lack of waist definition.


Identifying Your Body Shape 

So, where you do begin when trying to identify your body shape? Start by measuring yourself. This is a great way to determine your body shape and will mean you have your measurements handy next time you need to check sizing with online retailers.

To get the most accurate measurement it is best to wear as little clothing as possible, then use a fabric tape measure to record the following areas of your body.

Tip: If you stand up nice and tall with your arms to the side the tape measure can fit nicely against the body for ease.

Start at the top of your body and work your way down, for shoulders measure the highest point, for the bust measure across the chest or the fullest part of your breasts, for the waist measure around the smallest point and, lastly, for the hips measure over the fullest part of your backside.

Once you have your measurements, use these along with looking in the mirror to determine which category you fall into (it may be more than one, so go with the criteria above that best describes you).

Different Types of Jeans & Joggers 

With an abundance of jean and jogger styles out there it can be a challenge to find a pair that fits you perfectly due to the different lengths, cuts, & shapes available. As such, most women tend to stick with a certain style of pant, knowing it flatters them right. But there is a handful of other styles out there that could be worth your while. Let's talk to the most common.

Skinny Jeans 

Made to hug your body, whether curvaceous or slender, these jeans are snug all the way through. Usually cut from comfortable, stretchy denim, the skinny jean moves with you, creating a flattering, slimming look.


Straight-Leg Jeans 

A classic style and much loved for a reason. Straight-leg jeans have a straight fit from the hips through to the ankle. Versatile and easy to dress up or down, the straight cut helps accentuate the figure by adding length.

Slim-Fit Jeans 

The slim-fit jean is the perfect mid-point between skinny and straight jeans. Hugging the hips and thighs before widening slightly below the knee, these jeans offer a slimming look with that little bit of extra room around the calves and ankles.

Wide-Leg Jeans 

A more relaxed style, wide-leg jeans offer a triangular silhouette. Coming out from the thighs with a slight flare then continuing on down towards the ankles, they are great for lengthening the legs and accentuating the waist.


Cropped Joggers 

With a shorter length, cropped joggers are both stylish and practical. Although available in a variety of options, many cropped joggers are looser fitting around the hips and thighs before coming to a snug cuff around the calf. They’re a perfect choice for trans-seasonal wear!

Drop-Crotch Joggers 

Carrying a bit of extra material around the top, these pants drop between the waist and crotch seam before tapering down the leg to the ankle. They are perfect for those who carry fullness around the lower waist and bottom due to the additional fabric and room around the thighs.

Tapered Joggers 

Relaxed around the waist and thigh before tapering at the calves and ankle, the slim-fitting nature of tapered joggers offer a flattering silhouette that can easily be dressed up or down.


Cargo Joggers 

Uniform like, cargo style joggers are fitted at the waist before dropping down with a straight fit toward the ankle. They are usually on the looser side with additional patch pockets and cuffed or uncuffed ankles.

Rises of Jeans & Joggers 

Depending on what style of jeans or joggers you typically wear, you are probably familiar with the different rises; high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise. High-rise pants sit just above the navel or naturally on the waistline. Mid-rise is a popular choice amongst women, sitting just below the belly button. Low-rise pants on the other hand create the appearance of a longer waist and sit a couple of inches below the belly button.


The Best-Fitting Jeans & Joggers for Your Body Type 

Feeling more confident now you are able to identify which body type you fall into? Great, onto the fun part! Let's talk about the best-fitting jeans and joggers for you.

What Jeans & Joggers Suit Rectangular Shape? 

Women with a rectangular body shape should reach for jeans that complement this shape. Skinny, slim and straight leg styles such as the Italian Star Jeans are the way to go. Jeans with a straight waist band will hug the figure avoiding that awful gaping look at that back whilst accentuating the body. If you are after a more casual style, choose something like the Tie Front Jogger, sportive and easy to wear, their tapered shape will suit your athletic figure.

What Jeans & Joggers Suit Pear Body Shape? 

Women dressing a pear body shape should balance out their curves by reaching for jeans that are a little more on the roomier side. Straight leg styles will keep from hugging the ankles and accentuate your body best. Cuts such as wide leg, flare and slim fit can also be a great option. Try opting for a hi-rise fit to define the waistline and lengthen the legs, perfect for those petite women with shorter legs!

What Jeans & Joggers Suit Hourglass Body Shape?

Women with an hourglass body shape, much like pear-shaped women should reach for jeans that accentuate the waist and highlight the curves while still balancing out the body. Show off those natural curves with a hi-rise fit, wide leg or straight leg jean. We love the Dakota Jean for something a little more comfortable. These styles are great for fuller hips and thighs, the extra leg room and defined waist will become your best friend.

What Jeans & Joggers Suit Apple Body Shape? 

Women dressing an apple body shape should reach for jeans that give off the illusion of longer legs whilst creating a more defined waistline. Straight-leg and slim-fit styles such as the Soho Denim Jogger are great for those who like to stay away from tighter fitting pants, their thick waist band also does wonders for accentuating that waistline. Looking to lengthen those legs? We love the Tokyo 3/4 Length Pants, not only are they comfortable, but are great for balancing out the top half of the body.

What Jeans & Joggers Suit Tall Women? 

Tall women have a lot of options available to them, luckily most jeans & joggers will complement your height. Go-to favourites such as slim and straight leg will hug the figure whilst highlighting the natural length of your body. Our favourite cut is the city jeans. To balance out your height, wide and flared jeans can do wonders, but be careful of cropped cuts as these can look too short on you. Playing with different lengths, structures and styles is also a great way to showcase your gorgeous figure. We are loving drop crotch joggers like the Weekender Pants. They are super comfortable and perfect for modernising your casual look.

What Jeans & Joggers Suit Petite Women? 

Petite women should reach for jeans & joggers that accentuate their natural figure whilst lengthening the legs and giving off the illusion of height. Slim-cut, straight and cropped pants are great for flattering your small frame. Why not try the Ada Straight Leg Jean? We love them. Looking for something a little tighter? Skinny-leg jeans are a great option for embracing your smaller figure. Classic, chic and great for dressing up or down you can't go wrong with skinny jeans as a wardrobe staple.

While it's good to have all the information you can about what you should wear, these are guidelines to loosely follow. If you think you look great and feel confident in what you are wearing then go for it!

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