Meet the Maker - Hung

Meet the Maker - Hung - White & Co Living
We sat down with local manufacturer Hung to discuss his journey into the industry and what it means to him to produce garments locally for some of Australia's most renowned fashion labels. 




How long have you been producing garments locally in Melbourne?

"I came to Australia from Vietnam 28 years ago and have been producing garments locally in Melbourne for 21 years.

I work hard raising my two girls and running my manufacturing business with a list of clients from some renowned Australian fashion labels.

I love what I do and building good relationships with my clients means the most to me, they have the same love for me as I do for them and their garments."

Why is it important to produce locally and what does it mean to you?

"I understand everyone starts their journey somewhere, just like I did, I really like to help small businesses/Australian labels start manufacturing locally, this is something I am very passionate about.

Everyone should have the opportunity to develop their label, especially with a local manufacturer, that’s why I work for small businesses and give them the chance to start with smaller runs, helping their business grow over time."

How do you ensure all your garments are made with the best quality in mind?

"I QC everything myself and double-check all the garments to make sure they are of the best quality. I have experience in pattern making and manufacturing, so I am very careful in checking everything myself, especially making sure the pattern is all correct. I originally worked as a tailor in Vietnam.

I am very hands-on with my business and taking the time to make sure everything is made with the best quality is very important to me and my clients. Because I am so particular with how things are done, I am very grateful to have never had any complaints!"

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