How to Wear the Dopamine Dressing Trend

How to Wear the Dopamine Dressing Trend - White & Co Living

By now, you may have heard of the term “dopamine dressing” being mentioned here and there. If, like us, you were left wondering what on earth this new trend is, worry not. We’ve gone out and done the research for you so you can stay on-trend and in-style with complete ease. Read on to discover our guide on dopamine dressing.

What is Dopamine Dressing?

Coined by fashion psychologist, Dr. Dawnn Karen, the term dopamine dressing is all about finding happiness through our wardrobe. Dopamine Dressing is all about wearing what makes you happy and feel good. You can choose to wear your favourite colour, a statement print, texture or a flattering silhouette. However you choose to express yourself, dopamine dressing is all about feeling confident in what you wear. 

How to Dress to Boost Your Mood

You know those days when you just need a little help boosting your mood? Those are times when we can look to our wardrobe to brighten a thing or two. By being intentional with how we dress we can set ourselves up for the day ahead. By applying the concept of dopamine dressing you can freely embrace your unique style to create a look that make you feel happy.

Following the below rules of the colour wheel, you'll become a pro at dopamine dressing in no time!

Analogous Colours

Analogous colours are next to one another on the colour wheel and share a common hue. Pairing together tones of orange, pinks and red creates an eye-catching look as the colours naturally blend together.

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 Dopamine Dressing Analogous Colours

Complementary Colours

Complementary colours are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, these combinations often create flattering clashes of colour. Play with the proportion of your colours, colour blocking can be subtle by adding accessories and small details in addition colours.

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Dopamine Dressing Complimentary Colours


Monochrome is dressing head to toe in one colour. You can play with varying shades and hues to create depth in your outfit. When building a monochromatic look, swap an element of the blue shade for blue denim. This is a subtle way to wear a monochromatic look.

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Dopamine Dressing Monochromatic


Choose classic colours like black, grey and beige that you won't find in the colour wheel. Try a monochromatic look with your neutrals. An all white outfit creates a super chic and effortless look. Add a pop of colour with an accessory like a cross body bag.

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Dopamine Dressing Greyscale

Experimenting with Prints and Textures

Boost your confidence and make your outfit unique to you by adding prints and texture in your wardrobe. Choose complimentary colours and shapes, for example the same print in a skirt and a top in two different colours. If you prefer a softer and more feminine style opt for a dress in a dainty floral print. Using textures in your clothing is another great way to add a special touch (literally) to your everyday outfits. Try adding some tulle, linen or silk to your wardrobe for an effortlessly chic and sophisticated style. 

The key to dopamine dressing is that when you look good, you feel good! By finding your unique style, whether if be through colours, patterns and prints or textures you are making that style distinctive to you. So the next time you need to boost your mood why not try using the colour theory approach. Or if you are feeling adventurous experiment with bold prints, patterns and textures. However you choose to dress make sure it gives you joy.

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