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While many women have never heard of Sleevees before, those who have heard feel like they’ve uncovered the best-kept secret of womenswear. A cult favourite, this garment is one you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Versatile, stylish, and flattering, Sleevees are the clothing item you never knew you needed. From work to travel and social events, this layering essential can seamlessly blend into your wardrobe for all occasions. Want to find out what all the fuss is about? Here, we’ll take you through what they are and how to wear Sleevees for a stylish look.

What are Sleevees?

Sleevees are designed to offer women of all ages an extension on their wardrobe. A fabulous option for reinventing sleeveless and strapless garments, Sleevees provide versatility and comfort at an affordable price. Perfect for those cooler months, they offer excellent coverage whilst adding a slimming effect for those who prefer to wear a sleeve at all times.

Essentially, Sleevees are a layering garment that allows you to add a pair of sleeves to any outfit. Typically, they are made from fitted yet stretchy, lightweight material to flatter and slim your arms while providing coverage. Often, they feature a low V-neck for easy layering and a front clasp at the bust for convenience.

Perfect for layering under dressestank tops, and more, Sleevees offer excellent arm coverage with a stylish look and comfortable feel. These additional sleeves are sure to form an essential part of your wardrobe, no matter the season. And, if you’ve got a trip or getaway planned in your calendar, they are a must-pack item. Not only are they small enough to not take up valuable room in your bag, but they will also allow you to reinvent outfits with ease.


Types of Sleevees

Sleevees come in a variety of fabrics, lengths, colours, and designs, meaning that it’s easy to find the option for you. We recommend keeping a couple of different pairs in your wardrobe to suit all occasions!

Long Sleevees

Perfect for winter, long Sleevees offer full-length coverage for your arms. Not only will this help keep you warm, but it will also offer a chic style that can easily be dressed up or down. We particularly love long Sleevees for winter events when you want to wear a dress without hiding it beneath a jacket, cardigan, or coat.


¾ Sleevees

For flattering arm coverage without the added warmth of long sleeves, ¾ Sleevees make a great choice. With a chic and modern appearance, these Sleevees are a go-to for many women. Try layering a pair under a short sleeve dress for work or a flowy tank top for weekend outings. Your styling options are endless!

Mesh Sleevees

Looking for a cool way to express your style? Mesh Sleevees may be the answer! Crafted from lightweight mesh fabric, these Sleevees offer a modern, semi-sheer appearance with just the right amount of attitude. We especially love them for adding flair to an evening look. Whether you’re off to a dinner date or drinks with friends, mesh Sleevees are a fabulous outfit option.


Jersey Sleevees

Jersey Sleevees offer a soft, comfy feel with easy stretch and movement. While typically lightweight for easy movement, jersey Sleevees can make a good option for the cooler seasons, when you want a touch of warmth. And, thanks to their slim design, they can easily be layered under a jacket or coat when you’re out and about! They also offer a higher level of coverage than mesh styles, which is perfect for women who prefer not to show off their arms.

Reversible Sleevees

Can’t decide whether you want to wear a V-neck or crew? Or perhaps you want to have both available to suit a variety of different garments and looks. That’s not a problem. With reversible Sleevees, you can easily choose between a V and crew neck when you put them on. This allows you the versatility to style your Sleevees as you like under a range of tops and dresses.

Ways to Wear Sleevees

Sleevees with Dress

You can reinvent any sleeveless, strapless, or short-sleeved dress with the addition of Sleevees! Have a dress you love but don’t feel confident showing your arms? No problem! Simply slip on some Sleevees underneath to look and feel fabulous in your dress! Thanks to this one simple item your wardrobe possibilities will instantly multiple. From the office to events and weekend outings, Sleevees teamed with a dress can see you through almost any occasion. In particular, you can’t go wrong with a classic black pair. Whether you’re wearing a dress in a neutral tone, pop colour, or print, a set of black Sleevees can enhance your outfit.


Sleevees with Tops

Think your Sleevees can only be worn with a dress? Think again. Sleevees can make a wonderful layering option for a variety of tops. From flowy tanks to dressy tees, you’ll love teaming Sleevees with all your favourite tops. Have a dinner coming up? Why not pair our Mesh Sleevees with a draped tank top and slim pants? Then, layer up with your favourite jewellery to complete the look! Prefer a more casual look? No problem. Throw on a set of Jersey Sleevees with your go-to short-sleeve tee to take it from a summer style to a winter staple.

You can instantly transform any look and outfit with the addition of a pair of Sleevees. At White & Co, we stock women’s mesh Sleevees and jersey Sleevees so you can always find your perfect look. A favourite of curvy women, our Sleevees are available in plus size styles suiting sizes 18-24. With a low V-neck and front clasp, our Sleevee styles are incredibly versatile and easy to wear. Simply slip a pair on under your next outfit to discover why they are such a must-have item for women.

Ready to find out what all the fuss is about? Shop Sleevees online at White & Co. today. Just click the link below to get started!



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