How to Wear Chunky Knitwear

How to Wear Chunky Knitwear - White & Co Living

When it comes to dressing for the cool weather, chunky knitwear is the perfect place to begin. But, as the name suggests, things can get a little bulky with all that extra material. Luckily, we have put together a fool-proof guide for styling your chunky knitwear so you can stay warm while remaining stylish all season long. 

What is Chunky Knitwear?

With its textural look and many ways of wearing, chunky knitwear can extend the versatility of your wardrobe during the cooler seasons. 

But what is chunky knitwear? The term chunky seems like a bit of an odd statement when it comes to knitwear, but when you piece it all together it’s the perfect way to describe this winter warmer. Heavier than your standard yarns, this thicker, chunkier type of thread makes a great foundation for knitting all things cosy. 


We are all guilty of having a piece of chunky knitwear somewhere in the back of our wardrobe. From a gorgeous longline cardigan to a trusted comfy sweater or that stylish snooded scarf, these chunky knit pieces are essential for beating the winter chill. So, let’s find out how to style them so you can make the most of your wardrobe this season. 

How To Wear & Style Chunky Knitwear 

Wearing chunky knitwear can feel a little out of your comfort zone if you aren’t used to styles with volume or lots of texture. But, with a few tips and tricks and a little experimentation you can remain warm and stylish and avoid finding yourself with that dreaded shapeless or unflattering finish! 

To begin, start by choosing your cut. Whether you are opting for a chunky knit cardigan, roll-neck sweater or a simple crew, the shape of the style matters as it acts as the centrepiece of your look. Once you have your cut determined, it’s time to build the rest of your outfit.


We love our chunky knitwear paired with a slimmer bottom, like skinny leg jeans or dress pants. This way of styling not only flatters the figure but helps to balance out the proportions once all pieced together. 

If you decided on a roll neck or simple sweater, tuck the knit slightly into the waistband of the jeans. This easy and great styling tip helps to create a flattering appearance by adding some waist definition.

If you’re like us and you love a good collared shirt, why not put it to use? Try styling a collared shirt underneath a chunky knit sweater, this classic way of styling is simple, effective and seriously easy to do. Just pull the collar of the shirt over the neckline of the sweater and there you have it! Tip: A thinner shirt with a curved hemline will work best, the lightweight material will help avoid creating extra mass underneath your chunky knit. 


Perhaps you’re more of a skirt lover. Skirts can look great with chunky knitwear when styled correctly. Next time you are piecing together your chunky look, reach for your favourite skirt to pair it with. 

Tip: To achieve the perfect tuck grab any belt you have and place this around your stomach over the sweater. Next, pull the sweater up a few centimetres towards your chin then let it drop over the belt and presto! This smart way of styling will have you ending up with a perfect tuck that sits nicely over the waistband of your skirt that stays in place all day. 

If you like to play things safe, why not try starting with a chunky knit accessory? A great scarf or beanie does a wonderful job at adding that extra bit of depth to your winter look. This is also a great place to experiment with colour, given the smaller size.


Loop or infinity scarves are always stylish and flatter most people with their simple design and snug fit. Try wearing this type of scarf with a plain tee, denim jacket and slim pants. Keeping your outfit toned down and letting the colour of the scarf pop will tie your look together nicely. 

Tips for Wearing Chunky Knitwear  


1. Pick your cut wisely 

A chunky knit already has a lot going on, so keep this in mind when picking your cut. Exaggerated knits with design details like balloon sleeves, frills or buttons will add unnecessary loudness throwing your look off-balance. Keep your chunky knit minimalistic, this will also make it easier to pair with all your wardrobe favourites. 


2. Balance is key 

As we know, chunky knitwear can be a little bulky so it’s important to keep your proportions in mind when styling your look. If you are feeling too volumized, balance out the top and bottom half of your body by teaming your chunky knit with a slim-leg pant or jean. 


3. Colour makes a difference 

Bold and bright or toned down and muted? Either way colour influences your final look. If you are wearing a chunky knit in a colourful hue, try teaming it with white pants. White acts as a great equalizer when wearing bright hues, not to mention looks seriously stylish when paired together. 


4. A half tuck goes a long way 

If in doubt a trusted half-tuck will save the day! Style your chunky knit halfway tucked into your bottom of choice. This easy and fabulous way of styling will make sure your chunky aesthetic remains, but your look won’t appear too volumized or shapeless. 


5. Try layering 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with layers when wearing your piece of chunky knitwear. Try pairing your knit with a denim jacket, collared shirt or classic blazer, this stylish way of layering will not only enhance your look but add that bit of extra warmth at the same time. 

Don’t forget about accessories either! Accessories are a fabulous way to add depth to an outfit and act as a great tool when needing to break up your look. Try styling your chunky knit with a belt around the waist. This handy trick will help keep your knit in place whilst creating a little waist definition at the same time. 


6. Confidence makes a look 

No matter what you wear or how you style it, your chunky knitted outfit will always look fabulous if you wear it with confidence! 


Chunky knitwear is essential for beating the winter chill so why not do it in style? Shop our fabulous range of knitwear here to help you get started. 


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