Apples, pears, bananas... When it comes to defining your body shape and finding the right clothes to flatter it, it’s easy to get confused. Luckily, we’ve put together a fail-proof guide to dressing for your body shape.


If your shoulders are wider than your hips and you don't have a well-defined waistline, you likely have an apple body shape. Don’t let the fruit connotation get you down though! Apples tend to be well proportioned and are one of the most common figures to have.

When it comes to dressing for your apple body shape, be sure to highlight your best features, such as your fuller bust, great legs, and nice arms. As a general rule of thumb, styles without a structured waistline tend to be the most flattering in your repertoire. 

For apple shapes, we love flowy A-line silhouettes, relaxed button-ups and v-neck tees. Thicker fabrics, such as linen, heavier cotton fabrics, tweed and gabardine will also offer a more flattering, structured silhouette than thinner fabrics like jerseys.

Luckily, as an apple, you likely have great legs, meaning you can pull off a variety of pants. From classic cuts to skinny silhouettes and cropped lengths, you'll look great in them all! Just remember to pair slim and skinny pants with a flowy top for balance.

If you're looking for a jacket to wear, opt for one that finishes at your hips or upper thigh or invest in a straight-cut coat that finishes at your knees. Just remember to avoid styles that belt at the waist as they will make you look rounder than you are.

For dressier occasions, try choosing a dress that highlights your best features, such as a knee-length shift to show off your legs or a maxi with a low neckline to highlight your bust.



Hourglass is the classic curvy shape that many women envy. Typically, hourglass figures have a fuller bust and hips with a well-defined waist. Of course, just because your silhouette may be the most desirable doesn't mean every item of clothing will look great on you.

The key when styling your silhouette is to highlight your curves, rather than trying to hide them. As such, fitted pieces, such as figure-hugging knits, wrap designs, and tailored designs look amazing on you. Likewise, items that draw the eye to your narrow waist will also work well, such as belted coats and fitted blazers. Boxy silhouettes, on the other hand, are best avoided as they won't do your curvy figure justice. 

When it comes to skirts, feel free to take your pick! Shorter skirts will show off your wonderful legs while high-waisted designs that hit below the knee will emphasise your curves.

Likewise, high-waisted pants will also highlight your hourglass figure and look great on you. As for the shape of the leg, take your pick! Bootleg and flared pants will create a lovely balance with your shape while skinny cuts will enhance the taper of your legs.



Like to the fruit, the pear body shape is narrow at the top before becoming fuller at the hips, with a larger waist than bust. This silhouette is also often known as a triangle and looks great when you embrace your curvier waist and hips!

When it comes to dressing for your pear body shape, it's important to recognise your strengths. In particular, pear shapes are known for looking great in jeans and for making dainty tops look wonderfully delicate thanks to their narrow shoulders!

For a flattering look, try playing with proportions to create a look that elongates your body. Statement tops, such as those with plunging neckline or bell sleeves, make an especially good choice for pear shapes as they draw the eye upwards. Likewise, bold accessories, such as scarves and statement necklaces, will also help to create balance for your body.

For those cooler evenings, layer a jacket over the top. Just make sure that it is a waist-length design for a fabulously flattering look.

When an occasion calls for a dress, your options are far from limited. Try a style with an embellished neckline, open back, bold sleeves or a belted waist to highlight your slender upper body. As for the cut, you can't go wrong with a classic A-line that hits right below the knee for a look that will elongate your body and flatter your thighs and hips. Alternatively, a flowy maxi can also look great on you!

When it comes to pants, opt for dark colours that will help balance you out. In particular, a deep denim pair of bootcut jeans can look amazing!




If your shoulders and hips are roughly the same size with little waist definition, you may be the quintessential sporty physique: the column. The key to styling this athletic silhouette is to strike a balance by either opting for volume on your top OR bottom, not both. For example, if you're wearing a flowy top, choose slim or structured pants. If you're rocking a wide-leg pant, on the other hand, complement it with a form-fitting top.

As most column shapes have great arms, feel free to play up this feature with tank tops and short sleeves. Likewise, drawing eyes upwards with v-neck, cowls and high-neckline tops will create a flattering look for your silhouette.

If you're wanting to wear a dress, simply decide on which feature you'd like to highlight. Love your bust? Choose a plunging neckline. Rather showcase your great legs? Go for a shorter hemline. Just remember to choose just one area to focus on!



While it’s good to know what works and doesn’t work for your body, it’s also important to note that these are guidelines NOT rules! The key to pulling off any look is confidence, so if you feel fabulous in that dress, wear it! When you feel great, you'll always look great too.


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