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Fun Footwear by Freedom Moses - White & Co Living

Freedom Moses is the perfect shoe to add to your summer wardrobe, with fun and colourful designs that are both stylish and comfortable. White & Co. proudly carries a range of cruelty free and 100% vegan shoes from Freedom Moses. 

Who Owns Freedom Moses?

French-born Sarah Gurt is the talented owner and designer behind the footwear brand Freedom Moses. With an impressive career in the fashion industry, Sarah’s earlier work saw her design for iconic fashion labels such as Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Thierry Mugler and more. With a desire to step away from all things glitz and glamour, Sarah returned to her hometown of Tel Aviv in Israel, where the idea to start a fun and easy-going footwear label was born.

What Do Freedom Moses Smell Like? 

Freedom Moses shoes are infused with the scent of Milk and Honey (and not the artificial kind). They also have great repellent properties, meaning water and perspiration won’t soak into the shoe, avoiding that unwanted stinky smell we all know too well! Because of their innovative design, the milk and honey scent won’t fade over time, yes even if you wash them, meaning you can enjoy that fabulous scent for as long as you own them!

How Do You Clean Freedom Moses? 

Freedom Moses shoes are designed to be washed quick and easy, so you can get back to wearing them! Simply wash them in warm water with regular soap and set them aside to dry. It’s recommended to wash them as soon as they’re dirty, as stains can start to sink into the shoe if left sitting for too long. On the go and need to save time? You can also use a wet wipe to clean your Freedom Moses.

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