Women's Knitwear

Looking to get cosy and warm in style? We're here to help! Our expertly curated selection of high-quality women's knitwear has the pieces you need to breeze through the winter months. Our range includes soft and chic knits, cardigans, jumpers, sweaters, and more from some of United States's best brands.

What are the Best Women's Knitwear Brands?

Here at White & Co, we're proud to stock some of the best United Statesn and international brands for women's tops. Our knitwear range is no exception to this rule and features fabulous labels that are beloved by our customers. Some of our favourites for knitwear include Alessandra, Italian Star, 365 Days, LD & Co, Elm, Betty Basics, Fate and Becker, and Haven.

Women’s Knitwear for the United Statesn Climate

In United States, finding the perfect knitted jumper or cardigan is all about picking a piece that is versatile. Something that is warm enough for those chilly mornings and evenings but light enough for those warmer afternoons. If it can also be layered and teamed with everything from jeans to a dress, even better! This is why we've specially chosen our range of knitwear to cater to these needs. Whether you're after a lightweight knit top you can wear to work, a chic cardi you can layer over a dress, or a heavy gauge sweater for frosty weekend outings, we have you covered. Our collection also includes a range of natural fibre options, such as 100% cotton, which is warm yet breathable and perfect for the United Statesn climate!

Our Range of Women’s Knitted Jumpers, Cardigans & Sweaters

A quality knitwear collection can last you a long time, so we've made a point of finding timeless designs that will never go out of fashion. Like our full collection of women's clothing, our knitwear edit focuses on practical, versatile, and stylish pieces that look and feel fabulous to wear. While every item is fashionable, we don't subscribe to passing fads and trends that won't last. Instead, we carefully select pieces that will stand the test of time and always look great. Our range includes a variety of options from sweaters and knitted jumpers to cardigans, knitted tops, polos, and more. Each piece has been chosen for its style, quality, practicality, and affordability.

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